Чит коды на Triple Play '99 (PC)

This code will only work with User Records mode off.
In the stadium select screen do the following:
1. Scroll the stadiums all the way to the right, so
Houston is in the top left corner.
2. In a line diagonally down and to the right, click on the
top-left stadium (Houston), middle stadium, bottom-right stadium.
3. In a line diagonally up and to the right, click on the
bottom-left stadium, middle stadium, and top right stadium.
You will hear, "Triple Play". Then scroll again to the right and
you will see three new stadiums.
1. A Greek-roman stadium
2. A Futuristic Vancouver Stadium
3. and A generic urban stadium.
*I used a gravis gamepad pro so that's how the cheats are displayed.
If you use the keyboard, just figure out which key represents
the buttons. Long Home Runs
Push and hold L1, L2, R1, R2.
Then push blue, red, blue, green, yellow, red, left, and right.
*Note: You have to enter it for each batter and each at bat.
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