Чит коды на The Road To El Dorado: Gold And Glory (PC)

Voyage To The New World, Part 3: Two-keyed Bar Door:
When you are bribing Joesephine to get you keys for biscuits, ask 
her for the red key and blue key. If you have to start over again, 
it will be the green key and the pink key. 

Tribute for the giant idols:
When you are at the part where Miguel and Tulio get separated after 
the bridge collapses, you will notice that the giant idols will ask 
for tribute, such as something to please the eye. First, on Tulio's 
side, keep exploring until you see one of the idol's ears light up 
on Miguel's side. Stop Tulio and switch to Miguel. Have Miguel play 
his reed to the idol. After the idol has raised a gigantic block, 
have Miguel explore until one of the idol's eyes lights up. Stop, 
and switch to Tulio. Have Tulio cross the only risen block and get 
the golden plate. Take the golden plate to the idol with the eyes 
lit and show it to her. After the block has risen, explore until an 
idol's nose lights up on Miguel's side. Switch to Miguel and show her 
the sock. Afterwards, explore until the last idol's mouth glows. Have 
Tulio feed him a biscuit and you are done
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