Чит коды на The Average Everyday Adventures Of Samantha Browne (PC)

Easy "Blow your nose" achievement:
After the first three options, you will see a shelf. Select the tissue from
the hedgehog/echidna box.

Easy "Once more, with feeling" achievement:
You will have to experience all the bad endings in the same playthrough.
These endings are as follows.

* Abandoning the hallway and fainting from hunger.
* Fainting after deciding not to eat today.
* Run away from the kitchen, but realizing you have forgotten your keys.
* Spilling your oatmeal while cleaning the kitchen.
* Spilling your oatmeal while taste-testing it.
* Dropping the half-cooked oatmeal.
* The oatmeal overflows the mug it's being cooked in.
* Burn your hands on the cooked oatmeal, causing you to drop it.
* Cook the oatmeal, but realizing you have forgotten your keys.
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