Чит коды на Team 47 Goman (PC)

Secret Codes
During gameplay, secret codes may be entered with the keyboard. All of
the secret codes are activated by having the user hold down the (~) or F6
keys and then type one of the following codes.
The (~) or F6 key acts as a "shift" key for entering codes, and it must be
kept held down while you slowly type in the code. The code will be entered
into gameplay once you release the (~) or F6 key.

~POWER           Turns off Monster AI
~OWQUITIT        Stops spores from targeting robot
~YOUPYRO         User can play as monster for current level
~YOUTWIT         Play as robot (used after ~YOUPYRO)
~WIPEOUT         Kills current monster
~TRIPWIRE        Kills current robot
~POWERUP         Gives monster full energy
~POWERTIE        Gives robot full energy
~TYPEWRITER      Prints framerate to screen
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