Чит коды на Tactics Ogre: The Knight Of Lodis (PC)

How to turn your ally into a Angel Knight:
You need a high lvl ally and lawful
it need(hp215, mp66, str89, int81, agi88, ali-l, and the Archangel's Feather)
make sure it dies by the enemy, not in training. and make sure it says 
transmigate or keep resurrecting it till it becomes an Angel Knight. 
it would be easier to do it in gba. in computer.

How to turn your ally into a Lich:
it needs a wizard lvl 27 with the Ring of the Dead and a Chaotic one, 
let it die by enemy not in training. then if it didn't say transmigate, 
resurrect it again and keep doin it till its a lich.
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