Чит коды на Star Wars: X-Wing (PC)

During flight type in the following codes: 
WIN-Unlimited ammo 

Easy proving ground sequence:
Select a ship and enter the proving ground. Press \ to cut power and 
stop before entering the first gate. Turn around 180 degrees and fly past,
not through, the final section of three gates and pass the next section
of gates. Stop your ship, turn around 180 degrees, and fly through the 
gates to the final section. The level will be marked as complete with extra
bonus points. 

Less obstacles:
Set the detail level to minimum to eliminate obstacles during certain
missions, such as the B-Wing Historic Mission 6 (Death Star Trench). 

Press [Esc] before starting a mission and enter the "General Options" 
menu. Then, enable the "Tour Invulnerable" or "Unlimited Ammo" options.
Note: This will result in less points, no bonus points, and no medals
during the game.
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