Чит коды на Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition (PC)

Pause the game and enter these codes under the Input Code option 
for the deisred effect:
OSSUS    - All databank entries unlocked
EXARKUN  - All force push ranks unlocked
ADEGAN   - All saber throw ranks unlocked
JOCASTA  - All Talents Unlocked
RAGNOS   - Combo Unlock
FREEDON  - New Combo
LUMIYA   - New Combo
MASSASSI - New Combo
SAZEN    - New Combo
MARAJADE - Unlocks a New Combo
KATARN   - Unlocks Maxamum Force Powers
DATHOMIR - Unlocks maximum Force Repulse ranks
YADDLE   - Unlocks new combo
VENTRESS - Unlocks the Aerial Ambush combo
EETHKOTH - Unlocks the Aerial Assault combo
PLOKOON  - Unlocks the Saber Slam combo
KITFISTO - Unlocks the Saber Sling combo
DARAGON  - Unlocks the Sith Slash combo
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