Чит коды на Star Wars: Rebellion (PC)

Build Ships Without Losing Energy:
If you need more fleets, but your systems read low 
or slots are out of available energy, change the 
location of the construction to a neutral system 
(it can be inhabited or uninhabited). The ship will 
still have a cost in maintenance and refined points, 
but it will save energy.

See What They See:
While in a battle, highlight any ship and hit [Tab] to 
get first person view point of that ship.

First person view:
Highlight a ship during a battle and press [Tab].

Easy Fighter Killing:
This is for places like Coruscant where there are a lot
of fighters. Get a fleet really close to the enemy system.
This fleet should have 2 Corellian Corvettes and 1 Escort
Frigate (Nebulon B's if you have them) but NO FIGHTERS.

Jump into the enemy system and unpause. When the enemy
fighters start moving, pause and jump into hyperspace.
The fighters will have reached you and exchanged shots.
If you were quick enough they won't damage you but their
squad size will be reduced. Repeat as needed.

Fast start for the rebels:
The empire allways begins with a planet that supports the
rebellion, but is subjugated by a big garrison of ground
troops. if you gather a large fleet with several fighter
squadrons and put a commander with high leadership and
combat (Han Solo or Wedge Antilles) you can easily
blockade the planet. Then promote the commander to admiral
status. Then bombard the imperial miltary units. Once you
have destroyed all imperial units the planet automatically
joins the rebellion. Liberating the planet will cause the
rebellions popularity to skyrocket often causing several
neutral systems to join and imperial systems to uprise.
Then you can liberate the imperial system which are pro
rebels and soon you control the whole sector. I once
conquered an entire sector (sluissi) by day 34 using 2
corvette`s, and a fleet carrier carrying 4 Y-wing`s &
2 X-wing`s, commanded by Han Solo. P.S. You can prepare
for planetary shields by having a good spy, like Chewbacca
tagging along.

Take a planet:
First target an enemy system and bulid 8 either bulwark
battlecruisers or 8 super star deystroyers and commence
a planetary bombardment (which will deystroy all their
defenses) then invade the system with 12 or more regiments
(this should elimanate all chances of a uprising) then
continue to run diplomacy missions until the planet is
loyal to you.

Take a planet...the easy way:
Chose a planet you wish to take over. Invade with a fleet
large enough to hold the system. Once you have a blockade
of the system bring a strong force character (jedi Luke or
vader) onto one of the ships. Send them to take out whatever
generals they have controlling ground forces. Once thats
done you can send them to take out the shields and defenses
as many times as necessary with very little risk to themselves.
After defenses are down you can incite uprising until they
turn to your side without losing any ground forces or wasting
time with diplomacy.
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