Чит коды на Star Trek DS9: The Fallen... (PC)

( Star Trek DS9: The Fallen (Demo))
Skip First Level:
Just go into your maps dir and switch the
M05_SiskoL1A.dsm & M05_Sisko1B.dsm filenames.
Once you've done this filename switch, start the demo,
choose New game and it'll load the 2nd level instead of
the 1st. There's only 2 levels to the demo so no "skipping
to the 3rd level" cheat.

Play as Kira or Worf:
Go into the system dir and edit user.ini, default.ini,
defuser.ini, and ds9.ini and change the Class=PLYR.DS9_Sisko
line to Class=PLYR.DS9_Kira or Class=PLYR.DS9_Worf.
When you start the game and choose new game, for some reason
it shows a death animation and plays a death sound for Kira or
Worf, but then the map goes on to load just fine with the player
now being Kira or Worf, whichever you chose.
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