Чит коды на Sniper Elite 4 (PC)

Easy "Dirty Tactics" achievement:

To get the "Dirty Tactics" achievement, you must place an explosive on a dead body

(anything except Stick grenades work). When an enemy comes to investigate, it will

explode and you will get the achievement. Either carry the dead body and drop it

where enemies can see it, or throw some stones to lure them.

Easy "The Nutcracker - Sweet!" achievement:

Shoot an enemy in the foot with the Welrod pistol (or another weak pistol/rifle).

Sometimes this will make them fall down. Then, move close to them, take out the

sniper rifle, and shoot between their legs to get "The Nutcracker - Sweet!"

achievement. One area this can easily be done is in Mission 8: Allagra Fortress.

The enemies in this mission have more health and do not die so quickly by your

pistol shots, giving you more attempts to incapacitate them. You can do this with

the first two enemies in the mission. After incapacitating the enemy, you may want

to create a manual save game -- just in case the testicle shot goes wrong you

can reload and try again.

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