Чит коды на Skunny Games (PC)

Type in the following cheats during gameplay:

Version 1.4 cheats

Player 1
Hit F1 4 times - Invincible (Hit F1 again to stop).
Hit F2 2 times - Missile.

Player 2
Hit F5 4 times - Invincible (Hit F1 again to stop).
Hit F6 2 times - Missile.

Hit F9 for a screen capture (filename: COPYxxx.PCX)

Back to the Forest
TOAD    - Infinite lives
HARDNUT - Infinite energy

Desert Raid
NUTS   - Infinite lives
POWWOW - Infinite energy
INSANE - Infinite ammo

Lost in Space
SKUNNY  - Infinite lives
HUMHA   - Infinite energy
KICKBUT - Infinite ammo

Save our Pizzas
TOGA   - Infinite lives
CHEESE - Infinite energy
SLING  - Infinite ammo

Wild West
OHYEAH - Infinite lives
BURGER - Infinite energy
WATER  - Infinite ammo
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