Чит коды на Sk8park2 (PC)

Note: You can't save your game once you have cheated.

Cheat 1: Add $1000:
Hold down Ctrl + Shift over the park window.
The name of the park window should then change to
coordinates. Move the mouse so that the coordinates
are '69,69' and left click. $1000 will be given to you.

Cheat 2: Level Skip:
Same as above, but right click and you will be moved
to the next level.

Cheat 3: Reset Excitement Added:
First of all, I'll explain what this one does. Every
time you add an item of one type, the excitement it
gives decreases (people don't want a park filled up
with one repeated item). With this cheat you can reset
all the values, so that the items give their original
excitement to the park. To do this do do the same as
before but as well as holding down Ctrl + Shift, hold
down 6 + 9 then left click
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