Чит коды на Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff (PC)

Using the "testingcheatsenabled" Command:
This testingcheatsenabled cheat allows you to do several useful things 
when used properly. First, hold CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) 
and enterthis code: testingcheatsenabled true

Now, hold SHIFT and click your letterbox. This will provide you with these

 Make All Happy
 Force Visitor
 Set Career
 Set level

You may also hold SHIFT and click on Sims to get these options:

 Add Sim to House
 Change Sim Traits
 Force Aging

Work place

 Force Opportunity
 Force Event
 Force All Events

Any Sim

 Trigger Age Transition
 Modify Traits

Active Sim

 Modify Traits for Active Sim

Non-household Sim

 Add to Household

Moodlet Panel

 Remove a Moodlet from the Moodlet Panel.

Note: If it is motive induced, the bar related to the 
      negative Moodlet will be completely filled.

In Ground View mode, hold SHIFT and click a spot and your 
Sim will teleport to it.
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