Чит коды на Sim Isle (PC)

simonschickenkb = loads of heavy machinery and unskilled labor
ragschocolatestash = loads of food
deesextrapixel = loads of building materials
marksanchovypizza = agents don't need salaries
iaintestedtico = loads of money
soggybiscuit = all jobs are done instantly
cheatingnotme = instant travel
chinslovetreats = loads of skilled labor
al'sfetish = all of the above
quakerattleandroll = eathquake
headlesstourists = port crash
duhdun = AT disaster
marysecosystem = takes away all your money
pinkeyandperkyeatchease = start a tanker spill
peanutbettertoast = start an oil terminal spill
jennerdrawsgoodpictures = start a drug village
chinslovetreats = start a leaper tanker
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