Чит коды на Sim City 4 (PC)

To activate the cheat codes, hit [Ctrl]+[X] during gameplay and type in 
the cheat you want to execute: 

fightthepower        - Get Rid of Power Requirement
hellomynameis        - Change Mayor Name
howdryiam            - Get Rid of Water Requirement 
sizeof               - Magnify (1-100) 
stopwatch            - Pause Clock
tastyzots            - Toggle Zots
weaknesspays         - 1,000 added to Treasury
whatimeizit          - Set Time (add a space, then the time)
whererufrom          - Change City Name 
you don't deserve it - All Rewards 
zoneria              - Hide Empty Zone Color

Pause/resume the 24 hour clock:
1) First type the console access code:  [ctrl] + [shift] + [alt] + [x]
2) Enter code  - stopwatch
-  While paused, press and both trigger buttons.
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