Чит коды на Sim City 3000 (PC)

To use a cheat code, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Alt] + [C]

This will bring up the cheat window for you to 
type in the following codes:

I AM WEAK                - makes the following free: buildings, 
                           utilities, zoning, transportation, 
                           planting trees, and creating surface water 
CALL COUSIN VINNIE       - a new petitioner item will appear in the 
                           Meet window, announcing a "local 
                           fundraising event"; this guy will 
                           offer you some cash, no questions asked 
ZYXWVU                   - use the above cheat, but refuse the offer 
                           of cash; then type ZYXWVU, and the SimCity 
                           Castle will appear in your Rewards menu; 
                           in addition to looking cool, the castle 
                           boosts land value, aura, and more 
GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT  - makes all garbage buildings available, no 
                           matter what year 
POWER TO THE MASSES      - makes all power buildings available, no 
                           matter what year 
WATER IN THE DESERT      - makes all water buildings available, no 
                           matter what year 
NERDZ ROOL               - industry becomes high tech, no matter what year 
PAY TRIBUTE TO YOUR KING - receive most awards 
SALT ON                  - changes the sea to salt water 
SALT OFF                 - changes the sea to fresh water 
TERRAIN ONE UP           - raises the terrain by one 
TERRAIN ONE DOWN         - lowers the terrain by one 
TERRAIN TEN UP           - raises the terrain by ten 
TERRAIN TEN DOWN         - lowers the terrain by ten 

SimCity 2000 music:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a 
backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor 
to edit the "audio.ini" file in the "/game/res/sound" 
sub-directory in the game directory. Locate the "SimCity 200 
Theme" line in the file. Change the numbers that follow that 
entry from "0,0,0,1" to "0,1,0,1". The music from SimCity 2000 
will now accessible during the game from the preferences screen. 

Import unlimited money:
Note: SimCity 2000 is required for this trick. Create a city 
within SimCity 2000 using the "More money" cheat in that game. 
After accumulating enough money, save and exit the game. Start 
SimCity 3000, click "Load City" and load the recently created 
SimCity 2000 city. You will have the desired terrain with the 

UFO surprise:
Build a farm in your city, then go to the "Start Disasters" 
option and cause a UFO swarm to appear. Keep the emergency 
siren running until the attack is over, then watch what happens. 
After the UFOs disappear back to space, go back to your farm. 
If you are lucky, you will find a surprise that will make you 

Press and hold ctrl+alt+shift.
i am weak                - Evrything free
water in the desert      - All water buildings
power to the masses      - All power buildings
garbage in, garbage out  - All garbage buildings
pay tribute to your king - All presents

Cheats work on certain games only.
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