Чит коды на Sim City 2000: Network Edition (PC)

Enter one of the following codes to activate
the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                     Code
$500,000 and all rewards  - imacheat
Army base                 - gilmartin
Funny picture             - joke
Start a flood             - noah
End a flood               - moses

Debug Mode
Go to the chat window (you don't need a second player)
and type "Klatu Verata Nictu". You should see
"I hear and obey". You can now change prices and add
all inventions.

Easy Money
Buy some land, zone it (it doesn't matter what zone)
then sell it. You should make about 5 times more than
you paid to buy the land and zone it.

More money and population
Subscribe to the "Courier" newspaper. Double click
the money icon during the third issue of the paper,
issue a fund, and type Sim-Sim-Sim. During the next
year, your population will grow and funds will increase
to almost $10 million.
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