Чит коды на Sim Ant (PC)

Pause the game and Enter:

EGGS        - Lay eggs with your ant
ERAD        - reduces the health of the yellow ant.
FRED        - shows endgame sequence.
FUND        - tells you that ten thousand dollars is worthless.
HOLE        - creates additional ant nest holes.
JEFF        - adds a black ant colony to every house and yard tile.
JENN        - gives unlimited health to the black colony.
JOKE        - shows jokes.
JUST        - adds ten fertilized queen ants for placement.
MICK        - causes the spider to walk backwards.
OOPS        - gives the red ants ten fertilized queen ants for placement.
QEEN        - adds a queen to the nest when underground.
RAND        - gives full health to the yellow ant.
SUSI        - gives unlimited health to the yellow ant.
WILL        - enables you to always defeat red ants.
RED RULES   - Lots of Red Ants
BLACK RULES - Lots of Black Ants

Sneeking Up on the Enemy:
If you dig to the bottom of your nest, and dig all along 
the bottom (and up if you have to), all the way across 
from wall to wall, you will find a "wormhole" type thing 
in the middle of the path. Click on that hole one time and 
when your ant goes on it, you will be transported to somewhere at 
the bottom of the red ants' nest. Other ants besides the yellow 
ant can't enter this "wormhole". Queen ants can't enter at all. 
This is a quick way to get to the other nest while avoiding 
other red ants, the pesky spider, and that dumb lawnmower!
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