Чит коды на Sid Meier's: Alien Crossfire (PC)

Secret Firaxian faction:
Start the Faction Editor. Select "Open" and type sid.
Select "Save" and save it as sid. Then, click "Add Faction".
This may also be done using brian as a name.

Hex Cheats:
Using Huge Map the energy amounts are located at the
following offsets:

Akizeta Faction     at offset 10,672
Svensgaard Faction  at offset 19,068
Doma Faction        at offset 27,464
Roze Faction        at offset 35,860
Cha Fawn Faction    at offset 44,256
H'minee Faction     at offset 52,652
Mann Faction        at offset 61,048

Get Firaxian Faction:
Go to the Faction editor and type in sid or brian.
Now 'save' it as sid and click on add faction

Game Editor:
Push Ctrl+k. Hit yes and then you can do what
ever you want. Like:\

Shift+F1 gives you any unit.
Shift+F2 I forget
Shift+F3 Etc.....
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