Чит коды на Seven Kingdoms 2 (PC)

To enable cheat mode simply type !!##%%&&. This has to
be done for every new mission.
A message should come up "Cheat codes enabled".

These are the features I could find in the game:

Code          Result
CTRL-M     -  Reveal entire map
CTRL-T     -  Know all technology
CTRL-U     -  Toggle mortal/immortal king mode
CTRL-A     -  Toggle debug messages?
CTRL-D     -  Toggle AI info
CTRL-J     -  Surprise ;)
CTRL-\     -  +1000 Food
CTRL-Z     -  Toggle fast build mode
CTRL-C     -  +1000 Treasure
CTRL-;     -  +10 Population in selected town
CTRL-+     -  Seat of Power full
ALT+CTRL-E -  -10 Reputation
ALT+CTRL-R -  +10 Reputation
ALT+CTRL-J -  +20 Damage for selected building
ALT+CTRL-K -  -20 Damage for selected building
ALT+CTRL-X -  -1000 Treasure
ALT+CTRL-C -  -1000 Food
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