Чит коды на Serious Sam (PC)

Press the [`] or [T] button to bring up the 
console and use the codes from the list: 

please giveall    - All weapons                   
please fly        - Flight mode                   
please refresh    - Full health                   
please god        - God mode                      
please invisible  - Invisibility                  
please ghost      - No clipping                   
please killall    - Kill all enemies              
please open       - Open all doors                
please tellall    - All data available in NETRICSA

CheatMode [alternate]:
Press [F1] to display the console window, type one of 
the following codes, press [Enter], then press [F1] 

cht_bGod       - God mode    
cht_bGiveAll   - All weapons 
cht_bRefresh   - Full health 
cht_bGhost     - No clipping 
cht_bInvisible - Invisibility
cht_bFly       - Flight mode
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