Чит коды на Septerra Core (PC)

Pressing Enter and entering the cheats "alchemy", "alreadydead",
and the others don't work, at least not on v1.0 of the North
American version of Septerra Core, i tried them.  Unless there
is something else you have to do first.

While playing game,save game. Use a Hex Editor to edit this savegame,
go to "0x0000022C" and change it to FFFF. Load savegame and you will 
have maximum money.

The cheat codes for this game are very tricky.
Press [F12] to enter the codes. Some codes allow
others to work properly and depend on them to be
entered first. Below is a list of codes and which
codes must be entered first:

Cheat Enabler: "imarealweenie"

Codes used after this cheat is enabled:
"enemies" - list enemy hit points.
"sight"   - show line of sight.
"spy"     - show debug numbers.

The following codes may be entered at any time
(without other codes being entered first):

Code                 Result
makethemstopmommie - Enemies do not attack
hidetext           - Hides spoken text
fps                - Show frames per second
mapmaker           - Displays map in BMP format (Files may be large!)

There are many more codes in the game, but they require
particular combinations in order to work correctly.
The remainder of the codes are listed below. Can you
figure out the correct order?

wtfwwt      german   rstat         lall
bgiob       dumpgv   snorm         heal
perception  siskel   sfast         hdm
lallignore  coeffs   sslow         hit
recovery    isteal   score         run
strength    msteal   spell         sdm
vitality    points   blind
addstuff    psyche   gimme
agility     scroll   maxhp
imaweenie   seeall   tmtwotfobiwan
babylon     varset   level
observe     astat    path
vampire     mheal    gods
enemies     rects    call
english     rcore    core

Where to find the spells!
This is list of where to find all the spells in this
awesome game!

Water: From Azziz after the first lesson
Heal: After the Holy Guard Fight
Rock: After fighting the Draxx statute
Barrier: After fight with Selina
Air: In a storage cylinder in Ankaran Base
Summon: Awarded by Gunnar
Fire: After the fight with Lava Boss
Cure: Given by the Underlost cheif
Resurrect: At the grave of Bowan (in Catacombs)
Bless: After fight with Connor
Law: After fight with first Magi
Slow: After fight with second Magi
Mirror: After fight with Hell GOd
All: After fight with Balcaam
Achilles' Heel: same as above
Chaos: After fight with Doomsday Brain
Speed: To the northeast, near fallen bridge in Chosen Temple Area 1
Cloak: In Chosen Temple Area 3-Found with Chosen Talisman
Curse: In chest to the far southeast in Catacombs Area 3
Vampyre: same as above
Joker: After fight with Alisa
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