Чит коды на Sensible Soccer 2006 (PC)

Unlockable pitch types
synthetic turf (Astroturf) pitch type - Win the World cup
icy pitch type                        - Win the European cup (champions league)
muddy pitch type                      - Win the English Premiership
a snowy pitch                         - Win the Italian A Div
the carpet pitch type                 - Win the Spanish premier league

Unlockable Footballs:
Tournament ball               - Win the South American cup
Bright Yellow ball            - Win the Spanish cup
classic old leather football  - Win the English cup (FA Cup)
retro black and white ball    - Win the German 1st Div
all star ball                 - Win the Italian Cup

Unlockable Shirts
tropical shirt          - Win the African Cup
codemasters Shirt       - Win the English league (championship)
"I love sensi" Shirt    - Win the French 2nd Div
Lederhosen Shirt        - Win the German 2nd Div
Showtime shirt          - Win the Dutch 2nd div
Tuxedo shirt            - Win the Italian B Div
Guerrilla shirt         - Win the Portuguese 2nd Div
Tartan shirt            - Win the Scots league
Home & Away shirt type  - Win the Spanish 2nd Div

Unlockable Shorts:
tropical shorts    - Win the Asian cup
Union jack shorts  - Win the English league cup
Hearts shorts      - Win the French cup
Lederhosen shorts  - Win the German league cup
Kinky shorts       - Win the Dutch cup
leather shorts     - Win the Italian League cup
Guerrilla shorts   - Win the Portuguese league cup
tartan shorts      - Win the Scottish cup
Trunks shorts      - Win the Spanish League cup

Unlockable Boots:
golden boots for custom made players  - Win the European cup
silver boots for custom made players  - Win the EURO cup (Uefa cup)
Red boots for custom made players     - Win the French 1st Div
white boots for custom made players   - Win the Gernam cup
Orange boots for custom made players  - Win the Dutch 1st Div
Green boots for custom made players   - Win the Portuguese 1st Div
blue boots for custom made players    - Win the Scots premier league

Unlockable hairstyles (for custom made players):
bouffant hairstyle          - Win the Super cup
mullet hair style           - Win the English shield (community shield)
monk spot hair style        - Win the French league cup
afro hair style             - Win the German Shield
Rasta hair style            - Win the Dutch league cup
string band hair accessory  - Win the Italian Shield
aging rocker hair style     - Win the Portuguese cup
the ponytail hairstyle      - Win the Spanish shield
receding hair style         - Win the Scots league cup
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