Чит коды на Secret Weapons Over Normandy (PC)

How to unlock Star Wars X-Wings and TIE Fighter vehicles:
Use the Force in World War 2. LucasArts has unveiled the "top secret" 
news that players of Secret Weapons Over Normandy will have the ability 
to unlock and pilot the Incom T-65 X-wing and Sienar Fleet Systems 
TIE Fighter vehicles from the classic Star Wars universe. 
Upon completing the Secret Weapons Over Normandy 15-mission campaign 
and all 21 "Challenge" missions, skilled pilots will be rewarded with 
these two memorable starships that are available for use in the 
game's "Instant Action" mode. Console players will also be able to 
fly a squadron of X-wings head-to-head against their friend's 
TIE Fighters in split-screen multiplayer mode. In addition to the 
realistic look and authentic Star Wars sound effects direct from 
the Skywalker Sound library, players will also enjoy details such 
as watching the head of the X-wing's astromech droid track nearby 
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