Чит коды на Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (PC)

Wingmen are important in SWOTL so it's lucky they are easy to clone.
When you have a good pilot who's flown a few missions say he's a German
called HERMAN you can copy his data file to create wingmen with the
same record as him. Quit to DOS and change into the SWOTL directory
for example C:SWOTL and type:
copy c:\swotl\herman.ger c:\swotl\klaus.ger
You now have a pilot called Klaus with the same statistics as
Herman you can do this with as many names you can think of and can
have as many pilots on your hard disk as it can handle.
Follow the same procedure for American pilots except type:
copy c:\swotl\chuck.usa c:\swotl\randy.usa
to make a copy of an ace pilot called Chuck. This can also be used
to make backup copies of your pilots in case they get killed.

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