Чит коды на Scribble Space (PC)

Easy "20,000,000+ Highscore!" achievement:
Reach 20,000,000 points without take damage from an enemy, wasp, or rock. This
can be done from level 1 to level 3 under the "low tier" skill level. Collect
all items (pencil and triple shots) and kill all enemies, wasps and rocks to
get more points.

If you take damage the multiplier bonus will reset to X0. If done correctly
you will reach 20,000,000 points during level 3.

Easy "100 Deaths!" achievement:
Play under the "high tier" skill level to die quickly.
Then intentionally die 100 times.

Easy "Won the game!" achievement:
Select the "low tier" skill level.
Then complete levels 1 to 3 and kill a big Boss wasp at the end.
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