Чит коды на Rock'n'Roll (PC)

Enter 'RAINBOW ARTS' for your name.  The screen should turn grey.
To warp to any level, enter the following:
Level number, XX, followed by four digits that when added together equal the
level number, XX, and then the level number reversed.

Examples: To play level 12, Enter -> 12 XX 3333 XX 21
12 = Level number, XX, 3+3+3+3 =12 etc.

If you want to hear the tune's type 'COUNTRY' and a menu will appear.

Another tip allows you to get to level 33 (1 level after the last!)

Here's How: Find the special hole on level 1.  It's surrounded by 3 left
pointing arrows.  Fall down the hole, and press the left mouse
button.  You are now warped to level 33!
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