Чит коды на Robots (PC)

Defeating Ratchet's robots:
When you get to Ratchet's huge robots with big blue eyes, 
try to destroy as many of them as you can. Wait until one 
of the robots' eyes open up and turn blue. Shoot the blue 
eye before it closes back up with one shot. The next part 
is much more difficult. You must battle Ratchet on top of 
his machines. Be careful, he can do three moves: order his 
robots to attack you, throw a bomb at you (which you can 
shoot to destroy), and jump from one robot to another. 
When he stops on a robot, shoot him quickly. Do this process 
a few more times and he will be defeated.

Half-pipe holes:
On the "Half-Pipe" thing when you are rolling around, you can 
fly over the holes in the side by going as fast as you can and 
jump over the side with the hole.

Make Rodney's butt burn:
Slide a lot of times and Rodney's butt will burn. However, this 
will not reduce his health.

Rivet Town: Rodney's dad gives scrap
On the first level, after you have grown up, go to where Rodney's 
dad is located. Once you are in the diner in the room where he is 
found, he asks you to select the Scrap Launcher. Select it, but 
do not shoot targets yet. Instead, shoot everywhere else, but not 
at the targets. Use up all your scrap, and Rodney's dad will give 
you 10 extra scrap.

Sewer Showdown: Defeating The Sewer Bot
When you fight the Sewer Bot, he uses two attacks. He hits a cannon 
and fires one or two sewer water balls; and fires one or two robot 
dogs from a separate cannon. Note: After the Sewer Bot has shot 
from all, or a few cannons, he will have to reactivate them. 
However, Rodney's cannons reactivate automatically after awhile. 
When the sewer bot is running to a cannon to shoot it, hit the 
cannon facing that cannon and hit it a few seconds earlier. 
Othwerwise, he will move away to another cannon if you shoot 
it too late, and he will not have gotten there yet and the sewer 
water ball will hit the ground. Time it correctly for him to get hit. 
Note: He will usually fire a few robot dogs over to destroy you if 
      you hit him. Keep hitting him the same way a few more times 
      and he should be defeated.
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