Чит коды на Robot Wars: Arena of Destuction (PC)

When asked to log in, input JPEARCE as your username.
The game cheat gives you almost unlimited credits and
unlocks all robots.

Unlock Chaos 2:
To unlock the mighty Chaos 2 win the Robot Wars
World Championship with any bot.

Win the Russian Rampage Cup.

Win The Hamburg Heavyweight Cup.

Win the Flip Frenzy Tournament Cup as Chaos 2.

Win the Liberty Lightweight Cup in the North America
Arena with a bought lightweight class robot.
Mortis can now be bought for 40,000 credits.

Win The Nerves Of Steel Cup.

Win the Robot Wars Championship Cup.

Kilamanjaro level:
Win the Robot Wars Championship (which also unlocks Chaos 2)
to unlock the bonus Kilamanjaro level. Note: The Siberia
level must already be unlocked.

Extra credits:
Purchase cheap armor and weapons from the junkyard and add
them to your spares. Save the game and return to the main
menu. Then, return to the robot setup screen. Sell the
armor and weapons to get full price for them.
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