Чит коды на Road Rash 2 (PC)

Super bike:
Hold Up + A + C or Left + B + C at the title screen until
"Press Start" appears. While still holding those buttons,
press Start. The "Wild Thing 2000" bike with 200 mph top
speed, unlimited nitros, and no spins or slides will be
available. This bike may also be enabled by entering
00DA 1V0N or 025P 1V55 as passwords.

Extra money:
Change the first four characters of the initial password
to E430 for $2,620,000.

Level advance:
Do not qualify for any races, then increase the fifth and
eight digits of the password by one for each level to be

Level 6:
Successfully complete level 5 to play a level with riders
that are all on Wildthing bikes.

Bike select:
Select "Mano A Mano" mode and select bikes for each player.
Return to the options menu and change the game mode to
"Take Turns" or "One Player". The previously chosen bikes
will still be available for racing.

Bonus level:
Enter 8PC8 5VNE as a password. Qualify on the Arizona track
to race against the police on level 6.

Power punch:
Hold C + Up, then release both buttons after approaching
another biker.

Level  Alaska   Hawaii  Tennessee Arizona Vermont
1     00D8110N 00DH101B 035P1130 02J0117G 02U910F5
2     05BHQ10S 038B1MIV 041QAN33 05RB2N73 06IRQMFC
3     08DA3NOP 0AUB3M1D 06A43C30 08T4RD7M 0De5RC58
4     0G04KC0K 09ETC918 0DQD49FE 0J4T4976 0NGD49FE
5     0QQT590V 0F6L5J13 0M445J3L 0U1K517D 25U55JFD
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