Чит коды на Road Rash 1 (PC)

Type "xyzzy" during game play to enable cheat mode. 
Then, enter one of the following cheat codes: 
YES,OCCIFER       - Kill the cop.
DRIBE             - Kill the cop (again!?).
xyzzy             - activate cheatcodes.
thwack!           - get chain.
k'thunk!          - get club.
spoon!            - nitro boost.
THWACK!           - You get a chain.
pioneer           - high speed.
drip!drip!        - Oil.
plugh             - Disable cheats.
klave             - this code will get a gun.
bribe             - Bribe police.

during play press "CHAIN" and you will see
the bike run on top speed.

Getting the club or the chain without a cheatcode:
Locate any player with the club (specially the cop).
Press on the hit with hand button continuously till
you see the player getting his club.
Do not hit him or he will fall wounded.
When the player tries to hit you just move the bike
towards him and hit him. If done carefully you will
get the club and he will lose it. Similarly do this
with anyone with the chain.
NOTE: This will NOT work if you ALREADY HAVE a club or a
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