Чит коды на Rime (PC)

Use objects:
There are some places where you will stuck but there is way to
get out from there. There is a sea blue colored object around,
these can be like statues. You can either scream at the statue.
A next object you will find randomly in some levels is a glowing
ball kept in a mouth of fishes like structure, you will have to
use these objects to get through the puzzle. When you keep that
ball on ground and shout it will burst into flames of light. At
the start there is once a fruit that will be used to distract
the piggy. The keys required to open some doors will be shining
in golden color, you can collect them to use later. Do remember
to yell or sing in the front all the object or painting that
have the glowing colored light as they will be very helpful in
order to collect trophies.

Dive in the water:
Many times to reach a desired destination you will have to dive
in water. Dive deeper and search around if there is water. It
will help you to locate your next path. Once the boy loose oxygen
you will see the area around the screen will turn darker. To get
oxygen there are some pipe like corals in the water with huge
bubbles burst into them and you will get oxygen.
Do this whenever required.
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