Чит коды на Real Myst 3D (PC)

Pannel Code:
When you start out on the first level you will notice
a door to your left.  Go up to it and click on it.
Walk through the hallway and you will come to a room.
In front of you there is a round tank.  Turn around
and you will see a paper on the wall.  Go to it and
click on the small button in the top left corner.
Put in the number 40 and click the red button.
Behind the panel there is a map.  Click the round
dot once. This will open up a chamber under the walkway
to the rocket.

Vault Note/ Vault:
Dont you hate those stupid marker switches? Well here
is a way to get a secret vault. Inside Chanellwood At
the very top of the canopee's in Sirrus's room is a
vault note half. Go to Stoneship. In Achnar's room is
the other half of the vault note in his dresser. When
you put them both together, using your memory, it will
say the vault can be opened by turning all marker
switches to on and then the one on the dock off again.
The vault opened. If you didnt get it right, go by all
switches and make sure they are ON. Then turn off the
one on the dock.
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