Чит коды на Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (PC)

Также известная как: Принц Персии: Забытые Пески
Sarcophagus locations:
Search the following locations to find all ten Sarcophaguses. 
Note When you get near a Sarcophagus, you will hear a sound and can 
identify them by their blue orb glow.

1.Near the exit of "The Stables", climb to the top of the octagonal-shaped
   room, to find the first Sarcophagus.
2.In "The Fortress Courtyard", jump to the platform beneath the circular 
  switch you have to activate to progress.
3.After the spiked floors in "The Fortress Courtyard", drop off the main
  path, and slide along a series of ledges to reach the Sarcophagus.
4.Near the exit of "The Prison", activate the switch to open the gate. As 
  you quickly run past the traps to roll under the closing door, before you 
  exit the prison, go right to climb the wall, then go right again to find 
  the Sarcophagus.
5.At the start of "The Sewer" when you are climbing the frozen water spout,
  jump towards the beam. Use the frozen water spout again to reach a second
  beam above the first one. Then, you will be able to jump over a gap to 
  reach the Sarcophagus.
6.Near the exit of "The Sewer", walk along the side-path on the left. Then,
  freeze the water to swing across the gap and reach the Sarcophagus on the
  other end.
7.When you enter a room in "The Royal Chambers" with a water spout on the 
  left with switches to its sides, freeze the water, and use it to jump 
  towards each switch. The Sarcophagus is behind a door that opens after 
  activating both switches.
8.In the middle of "The Royal Chambers", you will reach a room with a waterfall
  on both sides, and two accompanying water spouts. Freeze the water, jump up 
  to the second water spout, and use it to jump towards the waterfall. While 
  in mid-air, quickly unfreeze your ability so you will go straight through 
  the waterfall and land on a ledge. Then, climb up to find the Sarcophagus.
9.Near the exit of "The Royal Chambers", jump on a ledge to the right of the 
  water wheel room, and continue on the ledge without freezing the water. Then,
  perform a wall run up from the ledge to reach the wall. Jump off the wall to 
  reach a pole. Jump off the pole to another ledge, and move left across it to 
  find the Sarcophagus.
10.At the beginning of "The Throne Room", climb the wall on the left until you 
   reach the balcony to find the last Sarcophagus.
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