Чит коды на Portal: The Flash Version (PC)

Hit [Esc] to go to open game menu. then go to the Options Menu.
On the right side you'll have "Console (~, ingame) OFF", click on OFF
to change it to ON.

Now during a game session press the [~] key (top left of the keyboard, below 
Escape) and enter one of the following codes, followed by Enter: 
nextlevel                     - Level skip                         
prevlevel                     - previous level                     
gravity [0][number]           - Set gravity                        
kill                          - Suicide                            
noclip                        - Go through walls with [Cursor keys]
info                          - View game information              
sound, sounds, or autoquality - Toggle sound                       
space, aim, or detectshot     - Hold [Space] to open a portal      
quality [0-3]                 - Set quality level                  
effects [0-2]                 - Set effects level                  
showfps                       - View frame rate and level number   
god                           - Toggle God mode                    
portalproof or antiportal     - Toggle Portal Proof mode           
dance or /dance               - Toggle dancing                     
crosshair                     - Toggle crosshair                   
dynamiccam or dynamicam       - toggle Playercam                   
stopallsounds or stopsounds   - Stop all sounds currently running  
showmapbox                    - Toggle map box                     
showportalbox                 - Toggle display of Portal box       
showportalhitbox              - Toggle display of Portal hit box   
showportalmask                - Toggle display of Portal mask      
showsteps or showstep         - Toggle step visibility             
showshot or showshots         - Toggle shot visibility             
createbox                     - Spawn Box                          
removebox                     - Remove Box                         
createcam                     - Spawn Cam                          
removecam                     - Remove Cam                         
createball                    - Spawn Ball                         
removeBall                    - Remove Ball                        
removeturret                  - Remove Turret                      
restartlevel [number]         - Restart indicated level            
or restartmap [number]        - Restart indicated level
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