Чит коды на Populous 3 (PC)

During gameplay, press Tab+F11 to bring up the message
screen. Then type byrne and press Enter to activate
cheat mode. Now enter one of the following commands.

Code            Result
Tab+F1    	Free mana
Tab+F2    	Free spells
Tab+F3		All spells
Tab+F4		All buildings
Tab+F5		Refill mana

Choose bonus level:
While playing (at any level), press the F12-button
and after that press the F11-button. Then you get a
demo. If a level passes you want to play, press the
spacebar or the enter-button than you play the game
from the moment you have chosen.

Instant Training:
To activate "Instant Training Mode" press [TAB] and [F1]
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