Чит коды на Police Quest 4: Daryl F. Gates Open Season (PC)

Scene select:
Note: This cheat requires the Windows version of
the game. Remove the game CD from the CD-ROM drive.
Click on the Police Quest 4 icon. Click on the "Cancel"
option of the drive not ready error message. Repeat
this at least more four times, and cancel each error
message. When the error message appears again, insert
the game disc and repeatedly click the "Retry" option.
Select a location from the list of all game locations.
Then, select a day from the list of days. Game play
will begin at the select location and day.

Arcade mini-games:
The arcade machines in the Short Stop Bar can be played.
Make sure the arcade machine is not being played by anyone.
Place a couple of coins in the machine, then click on the
machine with the hand icon to play the rocket game or
truck game.
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