Чит коды на Pokemon (PC)

Duplicate Code
First, have 6 Pokemons. Among of them, one is that you
want to copied (you can't copy one with a HM or TM
ability), and  the one that is to be overwritten.
Place the Pokemon to be copied at the bottom.
Put 5 Pokemon in your PC without the Pokemon to be
multiplized. Take 4 Pokemon of the five from your PC.
Make sure that you have the one to be overwritten.
Place Pokemon to be overwritten at the bottom spot
and the Pokemon to be copied at the top. Push the
start button and go to the items menu. Push select on
the 6th item. Then push the B button twice. Go into a
wild Pokemon battle. When it starts, send out the 6th
Pokemon (to be overwritten). It will then disappear from
display. Push the B button and select run away.
Go to the Pokemon Daycare. The daycare guy will ask
you if you want a pokemon back.
Take the pokemon he offers back. It is the same pokemon
you got is the same as the 1st Pokemon.

How to get MissingNo.# 000
First go to Cinnabar Island then trade with anyone in the
Pokemon Lab. Then go to the east of the island and then
use the Surf ability and Surf where the land meets the water.
MissingNo. will appear after a while the battle screen will
appear but will be delayed about 5 sec. Warning: MissingNo.
might mess up your game if it happens Toss MissingNo. the
game will return to normal after that.
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