Чит коды на Pocket Tanks (PC)

Bouncy Dirt and Fission Bomb combo: 
Cover one side of the interior of a large crater with 
Bouncy Dirt and hit the tank with a Fission Bomb while it 
is at the bottom of the hole. 
Note: Try using Mountain Movers and Crater Makers. 

Pile Driver and Hailstorm combo: 
Hit the tank with a Pile Driver followed by a Hailstorm 
(or Napalm). 

Ground Shocker and Popcorn combo: 
Fire a Ground Shocker directly below your opponent's tank 
to make the ground very rough. Then, fire a Popcorn nearby 
and the bullets will bounce and multiply. 

Hide underground:
Fire a Digger at a steep angle so your tank slides down 
into the ground. Use a dirt weapon to seal yourself in.
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