Чит коды на Pizza Tycoon (PC)

Go to Market Research, press [Space], then click
twice exactly on the upper point of the arrow in
the Charater Menu, then dial 4566345.

This is untested, let me know if it works!

To get a lot of money from the banks without repaying it:
Take out as many loans as you can get and save your game
as a character. Leave the game, start the game again and
this time with your character, do the same again a lot of
times and you don't have to repay your loans.

Insurance Fraud:
First take out liability insurance with an expensive
insurance company. Then commit a crime by buying some
weapons in one of the joke shops. Pay the fine imposed
by the police and claim your insurance do this a few
times and voila.

Order weapons from terminal:
Using a terminal, dial a joke store and ask for "ice cream".
The flavors are actually aliases for weapons.

Ice Cream      Weapon
Chocolate      Poison
Lemon          Bombs
Strawberry     Bazookas
Vanilla        Flame throwers
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