Чит коды на PewDiePie: Legend Of The Brofist (PC)

YouTube stars:
When you encounter other YouTube stars in a level, go to the "Pants"
menu. You will be able to purchase attacks and defenses for a new
character, as well as the character.

Your energy meter (hearts) will shield you from most enemy attacks.
However pits, spikes, and powerful attacks result in instant death.

Use pugs as shields to take up to two hits for you during a level.
When you reach the blue flag that denotes the halfway checkpoint in
a stage, your pugs will regenerate for your next attempt.

* Collect coins by completing levels. If you complete a level, you will
double or triple your coin total. If you fail a level, you will keep
whatever you have earned but it will not be multiplied. Replay and
complete a coin-rich level under the higher difficulty settings to
quickly earn coins. Coins are used to purchase power-ups, health
upgrades, and unlock new characters.
* Coins can be found throughout the levels, drop from killing enemies,
and are awarded when finishing a level.
* Finishing a game under the Hard difficulty will reward you with a
double coin bonus. Finishing under the Bro difficulty will give a
triple bonus. If you quit a level, you will keep all the coins found
to that point.

Every level contains varying piles of leaves, dirt, clothes, snow, and
garbage that hide power-ups, hearts, and coins.

Some enemies can only be killed with special attacks. For example, T-Rex
in the subway level can be defeated with a special move, such as the pug
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