Чит коды на Personal Nightmares (PC)

1. Wait in the bar. The registrar will come in and hang his
coat up. Wait for the sound of the brakes. Get the key from
the coat, which is for the ivy cottage.
2. Kill the vampire after he comes out of the coffin. Go west
until the vampire hides in the shadows. Reflect the light using
the mirror. This must be done during the day.
3. To survive in the graveyard, carry the cross.
4. Look through the window before entering a building to see
if anyone's home. This is to avoid being strangled.
5. Put the plug in the sink to get rid of the demon.
6. Take your shoes off before entering Alice's bedroom. Examine her
and get the key. Fill the jug with water and throw the
water on her. There's a ladder under the bed.
7. To kill the dog, get the stake from the fence at the manor house,
move one step towards the manor, and type; KILL DOG WITH STAKE.
Do not press RETURN until you see the dog coming towards you.
8. To get into the vicarige, go to the vestridge in the church and break
upen the desk for the vicarige key.
9. To enter the registry office, search Mr. Roberts' jacket at
the right time.
10. Don't let the poltergeist enter the kitchen.
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