Чит коды на Pac-Man: All Stars (PC)

Cheat Method:
Open Preferences.dat in Config subdirectory with a text editor and go to line: 

int& N_LIVES =Int(); // is 3
-> change 3 to 99 (for example) = 99 lives 

Line becomes:
int& N_LIVES =Int(); // is 99 

Same for others params:

bool& AI_TAKE_ME_OVER =Bool(); // is no
-> change no to yes = autoplay by cpu (in story mode) 

bool& ENABLE_AI =Bool(); // is yes
-> change yes to no = disable others cpu players 

const bool& ALLOW_LEVEL_SKIP =Bool(); // is FULLY_PROPER_BUILD no yes 
-> change to yes (erase "FULLY_PROPER_BUILD no"). 

You can now in game hit F8 to skip level and go to next one.
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