Чит коды на Noitu Love 2: Devolution (PC)

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game as Xoda under the Normal difficulty setting to
unlock the records option and Dobbelori as a playable character.

Unlockables Characters:
* Beat the game with Xoda on the normal difficulty to unlock the records
  option and Dobbelori as a new playable character. The second unlockable 
  character is Tango.
* Beat the game with any character on the hard difficulty to unlocked the 
  hardest difficulty level.
* Beat the game with any character on the hardest difficulty to receive a 
  level select for that character.
* Successfully complete the game as Rilo Dobbelori to unlock Mr. Almond as 
  a playable character.

Easter Egg: Secret Boss Shady Hanz:
To fight Shady Hanz, you must be playing as Xoda. After defeating Sailorman
in Stage 5, the floor explodes and you drop down. Instead of heading right 
as you normally would for the rest of the level, jump over the barrels on 
your left. Here you will find a hidden picture of Lori from the first game. 
Look at it for a few seconds, then head back right. After jumping back over 
the barrels, the ground will explode and you will be dropped down onto a 
theatrical stage. There will be a short introductory scene, and then fight 
with Shady Hanz will begin.

Level Select:
For all of the playable characters in the game, a level select option can be
unlocked by beating the game with that particular character on the hardest 

Harder Difficulty:
To unlock a harder difficulty level than is originally available to you, beat
the game once through in its entirety on Hard.
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