Чит коды на Nihilist (PC)

This will give you unlimited missile weapons for the price of 1 each:

First buy a ship with 2 missile bays. Then choose a missile you want,
and buy it (note you must only have 1 of the missiles in your holding
for this to work) Select the missile by pressing BOTH mouse buttons at
the same time, as if you were loading 2 of your missile bays at the same
exact time. If you do this right, you will have 2 missles of the same on
your ship, and still one in your holding, reading x0. After you go in
the first Karral with this, you don't have to have them both loaded
for it to wor k. So, on the x0 missles you dont have to press it at
the same time any longer. Repeat with other missiles you want.
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