Чит коды на NHL '2004 (PC)

Bonus players: 
Create a player using one of the following names of members of the
band Alien Ant Farm: Terence Corso, Mike Cosgrove, Dryden Mitchell, 
or Tye Zamora. The game will adjust the players face and statistics 
automatically to match that band member. 

Easy Goals:
Play in any mode on easy or beginner and just as you cross the blue 
line press the shoot button and the puck will go in almost always.

Get 2 Upgrade Points:
Reach level 2 in the EA Sports Bio

Get Deep Voice Commentary:
Reach level 4 in the EA Sports Bio

Get Big Head Mode:
Reach level 8 in the EA Sports Bio

Power up goaltender:
When you goaltender is letting to many goals in. 
Boost him up. All you have to do is when your at 
the place that you pick your team before you click 
the A button press the Y button. It will show you 
the team options like what kind of jersey and that 
stuff. Look down at the very bottom. Can you see 
gollie boost. You move that over to your team not 
the other team. Make sure you move that ball closer 
to your team for a good boost!

Get Superstars:
In franchise mode you can get superstars by trading a 
first round pick and a player that's rating is 80 or higher.

Duplicate a Player!
If you would like to create a duplicate of the same player 
on the NHL 2004 roster go to 'My NHL' then go to 'Create Player'. 
The next thing you have to do is type in the Players last name 
and first name, and then it'll say "There is a player in the 
database with that name. Would you like to create a player with 
the same information?" This works with only the NHL 2004 roster!

Ultimate Dynasty team:
To get an awesome team go to rosters in exhibition mode then go to 
trade and pick all the players you want. start a new dynasty mode and 
set rosters to current and you will have the team you picked!!!

All Out Attack:
If you're down by a goal late in the game and the other team has 
the puck, move your Offensive Quick Play to "All out Attack" and 
your Defensive Quick Play to "High Pressure" to put maximum pressure 
on the opposing team so you can get the puck back in your possession.

Card Cheats:
Start a dynasty and earn points by scoring goals, hitting,assists 
etc...Then go to features and buy cards. In some of those cards you 
will get cheats u can use in the game. Collect all the cards. The 
higher the level u play on the more points you get.
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