Чит коды на NHL '2002 (PC)

FMV sequences:
Enter one of the following folders in the game
directory to play various FMV sequences.

FMV sequence                           Folder
Stanley Cup win                      - cup_presentation
End of period/during an intermission - end_of_period
During a fight                       - fight
Generic                              - generic
Home goal                            - goal_home
Away goal                            - goal_away
Away penalty                         - pen_away
Home penalty                         - pen_home
Win a playoff series                 - playoff_series_win
Puck over the glass/out of play      - puck_over
Time running out for the Away Team
when losing                          - time_running_out

Barenaked Ladies:
Create a player using one of the following names: Jim Creeggan, 
Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, or Kevin Hearn. 
The game will adjust the players face and statistics automatically 
to match that band member. 
Information in this section was contributed by bigleagues. 

Slap Shot players:
Select the EA Blades team under the custom team category. Enter 
one of the following players from the Charlestown Chiefs team from 
the movie Slap Shot and their names will be announced during the 
game: Reggie Dunlop, Ned Braden, Dave Carlson, Johnny Upton, 
Morris Wanchuk, and Billy Charlebois. 

Bonus players:
Create a player and enter Tom Barrasso or Andrew Raycroft as a name 
and the game will complete his abilities and stats.
Information in this section was contributed by Italianginniepig. 

Easy goals:
Skate straight at the goalie. Immediately before you would normally 
run into him, cut to whatever direction the player's stick is 
(i.e. if a player is left-handed, cut left.) Immediately after 
the cut, press [Shoot]. 

Better fight outcome:
When you get yourself into a fight, do not throw any punches. 
When the fight is over, the other player will get a 5 minute 
major for fighting and you will only get a 2 minute penalty for roughing.
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