Чит коды на NFL Head Coach (PC)

Recommended players:
There are two sleepers to watch out for in the 2006 NFL Draft. Troy McCoy 
is a very intelligent MLB and possess decent speed and strength. He has above
average tackling and is great in zone coverage. McCoy's downside is that 
he is injury prone. This sleeper will usually still be around late in the 
fourth round, but he is usually not available after that. Another sleeper 
is LE, Chris Craig, who is big at 287 pounds with exceptional speed at that 
size. He shows good awareness, which will only improve with experience. 
He has the strength to get by the offensive line, and is an outstanding 
tackler. A lot of teams do not have Craig rated high on their boards, so 
he usually will be around in the third round, even though he should go in 
the first.
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