Чит коды на NetHack (PC)

With this cheat, you can multiply items for all your saved
games! It doesn't matter what charactor, what name, whatever.

Lets say you put a great item on dungeon level 1, copy
the file: "Levels.1" to another directory, lets say:
"c:\levels" and your nethack directory is "C:\NetHack"
Go back to level 1, pick it up. go down the stairs.
Copy levels.1 from "c:\levels" to "C:\NetHack"
You can go back up the stairs to level 1, the level
will be in its exact state!

This usually doesn't work on pets and monsters, they
can become frozen.

I suggest using this cheat on gain level potions, gain
ability potions, and gain energy potions, and unique items.
Using this with a polymorph ring and a polymorph control
ring will turn you into anything you want!
If you turn into a female of the species, you can lay and
egg and get a strong pet by raising it! Personally,
I like green dragons.

I will provide my saved game and a sample levels.1 file.
To use them, change the first word in the saved game file
to your username, if there is none, it is (null).
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