Чит коды на Need for Speed Rivals (PC)

Также известная как: Нид Фор Спид Ривалс, Жажда Скорости: Соперники
Get 9999999 SP:
To activate this cheat you must have Cheat Engine latest version 
installed on your system. 

Run the game normally and go to Racer career. 
Now after selecting your speed list you need to select personalize 
and upgrade your car. But before exiting the garage, 
minimize your game and  open cheat engine. 

You will see a pc icon highlighted on top left corner under menu. 
Click the icon. Now select the need for speed rivals exe file and select open. 
Now go back to game and remember your sp score mentioned in top right corner. 

Now, place the value in blank box on side of hex checkbox. 
After you enter the value select exact value as type of scan 
and click first scan or next scan.

You will get some addresses in left column. Select all the addresses. 
After selecting all addreses click the pointer button on the bottom right 
of the address column. This will add the addresses to the blank 
space at the bottom of the window. 

Now select all the addresses in the bottom space and right click on 
the value section and select change record value. 
Now change the value to 9999999. 

Now go back to the game and exit garage. You might be thrown out 
to desktop due to game crash. Now start the game again and you will 
see that you have lots of money to buy cars, upgrades, techs. 

Please note that this will work only on unlocked cars.
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